Use Gamification to Boost Sales with these 2021 Black Friday Marketing Ideas

‘Tis almost the season to spend and save, with festive sale events like Black Friday and Boxing Day fast approaching. Black Friday is arguably the biggest day of the year for Western retailers, and marketers should be ready to capitalise. Consumers are ready to spend and save big with holiday deals and big-ticket discounts so it is important that you stand out from other brands. 

When looking to invest in Black Friday, one must first consider the stats and create a marketing strategy that hones in on opportunities. In 2018 R2.9 billion was spent on Black Friday followed by R6 billion in 2019; however, we saw a huge decrease in 2020 which can be attributed to the COVID pandemic. 


Despite the overall decrease, online transactions increased by 60% when compared to 2019 which presents a great opportunity for companies that can capitalise via digital channels. According to PayFast, the e-commerce industry in South Africa has experienced a boom since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — and Black Friday was no exception. True to buyer trends seen during South Africa’s harder lockdown stages, 66% of purchases in 2020 came from a mobile device, highlighting the importance of mobile marketing opportunities for 2021. 


Seeing as Black Friday is the time when everyone is already on the lookout for special offers, it also happens to be the perfect time to distribute discount codes and vouchers to which gamification is the ideal tool!


So how can you ensure your brand stands out and what can you do to boost sales? Read our gamification ideas for Black Friday and learn how to boost engagement, customer loyalty and sales. 

Convert social media followers and web visitors with a Black Friday Entry Form Giveaway 


Are you looking to launch a budget-friendly giveaway for your social media followers or website visitors? Would you like to expand your mailing list at the same time? Here’s our ideas on how to do it quickly and cost effectively. 

Team up with us to create a simple Entry Form Giveaway to collect participants’ contact details. You can customize the registration form so that you can collect all the details that you need, and then you can offer exclusive Black Friday promotions as a reward for signing up. You’ll be able to share the promotion link across your social media, website, and in-store publicity. 

Spreading the news is a very important aspect of Black Friday marketing! Take a look at this very simple, quick to build example:

black friday example banner.gif

Gamification vs Traditional Social Media Competitions

The difference between gamification and running social media competitions is that gamification enables you to  attract your target audience better. The part of your audience that enters the game campaign is very likely to be more targeted than the more random selection of people who enter a competition from social media. It can also draw lapsed customers back to the brand as gamification is used to amplify their experience with the brand.

Boost Sales with Gamification 


Interactivity is now an important aspect of marketing. Why don’t you entertain and engage your audience with a Black Friday game? Branded mini-games have proven to be highly effective marketing tools that not only generate engagement but also attract and retain customers.


As you know, everyone loves a good discount. Deals and bargains can help you reach all the customers interested in your brand and products, but, apart from attracting new customers, they also encourage your existing clients to come back. 


Here’s an example of a Black Friday campaign we’ve successfully used to encourage repeat purchase 👇🏼


How it worked: users who purchased an item online on Black Friday received a spinning wheel game link. This link can be embedded in the payment success page and/or can be sent via email after the user has made payment. The user then played the game and stood the chance to win a discount code for their next online purchase which had to be used in the next month. 


The campaign was successful in driving repeat purchases after the Black Friday sale period had ended. It also gave customers extra incentive to buy that tempting Black Friday deal and delighted them further by means of a fun game and instant prizes. The campaign was promoted on a website banner as well as on social media platforms. 


Seeing as Black Friday is the time when everyone is already on the lookout for special offers, it also happens to be the perfect time to distribute discount codes and vouchers to which gamification is the ideal tool. 

What makes gamification such an important marketing tool?

Everyone loves a good game. When designed strategically, a branded game can open the door to the deeper levels of the human mind that traditional advertising rarely reaches. Gamification engages people for long periods of time and motivates them to connect deeper with your brand.


Engagement is the key word, this is what gamification does so well. Today’s consumers have become numb to advertising messages (especially over busy periods such as Black Friday) and reserve their precious time for those few marketers who understand how to truly connect and engage.


Gamification in marketing has proved itself to be immensely effective at getting, keeping, and growing customers. 


So why not have a look at our games on offer? Chat to us about your Black Friday ideas and we’ll help you stand out from other brands and drive those engagement rates and sales.