Gamify your marketing by building a Catch Game with Triswick.


The Catch Game is like an updated version of a classic arcade game. Items falling from the top of the screen are either caught or avoided by a container that can be moved left or right across the bottom of the screen.


Some of the falling items give points while others take away points. The goal of the game is to collect enough points before time runs out. It’s a fast-paced and exciting game that immerses the participant in your visual universe, giving you their full attention while they play. With a game of skill, users are more likely to feel like they have earned the prizes they win (such as coupons and discount codes) and are therefore more likely to use them.

With the Drop Game, you get to decide exactly what items participants want to catch and what they want to avoid, and you can adjust how challenging the game is by raising or lowering the point requirement and the time limit.


Enrich your customer data

Showcase products

Social media shareable

Quick and easy setup


Click the button below to experience the Game Demo:

*All demos are created with a minimum base User Journey structure. Additional features can be added to any game format