For many marketers, adding game mechanics to their marketing mix means entering new territory.


Here’s a list of FAQs answering the questions we get asked a lot:

What makes gamification such an important marketing tool?

Everyone loves a good game. When designed strategically, a branded game can open the door to the deeper levels of the human mind that traditional advertising rarely reaches. Gamification engages people for long periods of time and motivates them to connect deeper with your brand. Engagement is the key word, this is what gamification does so well. Today’s consumers have become numb to advertising messages and reserve their precious time for those few marketers who understand how to truly connect and engage. Gamification in marketing has proved itself to be immensely effective at getting, keeping, and growing customers.

Will gamification work for my industry?

Almost certainly. We have helped companies in many diverse sectors to attract, attain, and grow customers with gamification in marketing. Gamification works for every sized business in any industry. The key is to be open-minded, ambitious, and willing to integrate game mechanics into your strategy to see the full impact. Remember, gamification is not just spinning wheels and scratching digital cards – it can also be quizzes, self-assessments, and other valuable activities that fit with your brand and fuel the customer journey in a strategic way.

We are a serious brand, won't gamification undermine that?

At its core, gamification is about tapping into the motivational drivers of individuals, to engage at a deep level, and this can be done in countless ways, depending on what your brand stands for. Brands that need to be experienced as serious can design clever interactions that both support the brand and help reach ambitious marketing objectives.

Is gamification only for lead generation?

No, it’s not only used for lead generation, but it is indeed a powerful lead gen tool. Most of our clients want to use game mechanics to increase the engagement wherever they meet their audience. Whether it’s a well-in-advance planned campaign; on their website, in their app, or to support their ad strategy; or a spontaneous opportunity, basically our clients use gamification in their marketing to amplify the experience that their audience has when they interact with the brand.

How do you calculate ROI from gamification?

We recommend you take a look at how you engage customers and prospects today. Ask yourself, “what results does our current approach produce?”. Then consider what it would mean to add gamification in marketing to the mix. Ask yourself, “What result(s) do I expect from using game mechanics and what will it take for us to integrate this approach?”. What we need to identify is the positive change that gamification will bring to your business or brand. As we get to know each other, we will have a series of discussions to talk about your current business, the challenges you face, and your ambitions and priorities. Then we’ll create a recommendation plan tailored to your business’s unique needs, and part of that will include both tangible and intangible impacts on your business.

What does it cost?

For us to work together, we need to determine the economics of your business using gamification. Working with Triswick means you get access to industry-leading marketing technology and gaining a strategic marketing partner that will help your company achieve its commercial goals. We know that gamification provides strong business results fast, but first we need to talk value. That means that we need to understand your ambitions and priorities, the challenges you face today, and then share a recommendation plan and chat costs.


Game CMS.png


Game content flow and landing page management, dynamic content, video embedding, countdown modules, social sharing, interactive pop-ups, and more.

Seamless Integrations.png


With over 70+ native integrations, we have you covered with email and marketing automation platforms, analytics tools, storage solutions, and all major CRM systems.

Customised Campaign Templates.png


Create branded templates to ensure consistency for your brand and above all speed up your campaign execution

Visual Editor.png


The platform has an intuitive frontend editor that makes using game mechanics quick and easy. Use the custom landing page builder to ensure on-brand experiences and a pre-launch demo mode to do that last quality check.

Advanced Prize Settings.png


Advanced prize and winner management including location-based prizes and mobile voucher management.

Advanced User Management.png


Grant role-based access to the platform and manage access rights for campaign contributors.

Branded Design & Layout.png


Apply custom CSS and use toggle grids for enhanced layout. Responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablets

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The platform has an intuitive frontend editor that makes using game mechanics quick and easy. Use the custom landing page builder to ensure on-brand experiences and a pre-launch demo mode to do that last quality check.

Prebuilt Game Concepts.png


Get access to 30+ pre-built game concepts that help you create on-brand campaigns.