The Personality Test gives you exciting opportunities to activate your target audience.


The Personality Test can be a fun and informal campaign that is also used as a product selector.

personality test.png

You can set up dynamic sections on the results page depending on which product best matches your customers’ answers. This data can also be sent automatically to your permission database, which gives you great opportunities for further segmented marketing.


Our clients enjoy high engagement from this game, with an average time spent between three to five minutes.


Participation rates often hit 50%, and there is a lot of potential to go viral. You can set up a feature for Facebook sharing. This allows users to share their test results with friends and can generate more traffic for the campaign.


We recommend that you use challenging questions to test your customers’ knowledge about your company’s products or core values. You can even highlight selected products by directing participants to subpages of your website where they can get help finding answers to the questions.


Activate your consumers​

Increase brand loyalty and awareness​

Long engagement time​

Boost permission database


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*All demos are created with a minimum base User Journey structure. Additional features can be added to any game format