Gamify your marketing by building your own online Shell Game with Triswick.


Participants are challenged to focus intensely on the game, ensuring that their attention is squarely on your brand.


The game has a simple concept: a ball is hidden under one of three identical cups, and then the cups are shuffled. When the cups stop moving, the participant has to guess which cup is hiding the ball. Each component of the game can be customised with your brand’s colours, logos, or products.

The Shell Game is quick to play but not easy to win, inspiring participants to share the game on social media and challenge their friends. Make the game even more difficult by increasing both the shuffle speed and the number of moves the cups make.


Easy to design and embed​

Activate consumers​

Shareable on social media

Potential to go viral


Click the button below to experience the Game Demo:

*All demos are created with a minimum base User Journey structure. Additional features can be added to any game format