Gamify your marketing by building your own online Swipe It game with Triswick.


Using Swipe It is a fun way to quickly get your customers’ opinions on products while familiarizing them with your offers.


To play, participants swipe an image to the left (dislike) or to the right (like), just like on popular dating apps. There are no right or wrong answers, so you get pure, unbiased opinions from the game participants.


Swipe It is a simple and effective way to present your target audience with a lot of different options, have them consider one at a time, and find out how they feel about them. With information about what they like and don’t like, you’ll be able to send more targeted communications in the future.


Enrich consumer data​

Showcase products​

Broad appeal ​

Quick to set up


Click the button below to experience the Game Demo:

*All demos are created with a minimum base User Journey structure. Additional features can be added to any game format