Reasons Why the Traditional LMS is Failing

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. So are sales, profits, and growth. However, the knowledge only works if you get it into the hands of the right people at the right time. So why train your employees using an outdated Learning Management System (LMS) that does neither? 


Although Triswick and the LMS share several similar goals, at a closer look, you will find important differences. At Triswick, we go beyond being a space to simply store your training content, we create an engaging platform where employees can learn quickly, easily, and in their own time, and off any device. This allows you to onboard and upskill your workforce faster. 


However, before we suggest our solutions, let’s have a closer look at why the LMS is failing:


1. Learning Management Systems are Slow and Difficult

Building just one training module on a traditional LMS can take months, and I mean MONTHS, of work. You’ll need a specialist content creator, a team of developers, and a big wad of cash to cover the costs. 


Now, let’s say you’re finally ready to launch, how easy is it for your people to log in? What device can they access the course via? And, is the content still relevant? (remember, it took you months to build). 


By the time you’re ready to launch, several factors may have changed. The speed at which information becomes irrelevant is increasing in today’s dynamic work environment. We believe your employees should have easy access to relevant information as needed. 


2. The LMS Fails to Meet the Needs of All Employees


From factory worker, to store manager to account executives, your employees are busy individuals who are constantly on the move. 


Today’s employees, many of whom are millennials, demand access to critical business information within a moment's notice, whether they’re at their desk or not. 


The last thing your employees want is to be stuck at their desks having to work through mundane training. The problem with the LMS is that it’s traditionally a deskbound system, and, according to a study done by Google, 80% of the global workforce are deskless. See the challenge? We see the solution, a device-agnostic system that delivers bite-sized knowledge on demand. 


3. The LSM isn’t Engaging

Overall, the traditional LSM is boring and time-consuming. Both research and common sense tell you that better engagement improves learning. 


The LMS is rigid, slow and difficult to use. The user experience is generally poor and employees are spoon fed content with little incentive to learn. As a result, the LMS becomes something that employees despise and rush through, rather than a tool that actively engages with your employees in continual learning. 


The Solution


Today’s work environment creates a number of challenges when it comes to internal communication and training. Some of these challenges are experienced throughout the world, however, certain challenges are unique to South Africa or developing countries. Below are a list of challenges that our solutions solve. 


  • How do we communicate to thousands of people in multiple locations?

  • How do we deliver measurable communication and training in a way that suits the end user? 

  • How do we create a sustainable communication channel?

  • Employees don’t always have access to a laptop. How do we allow for communication on all devices enabling the employee to choose the device that suits them? 

  • How do we get around the mobile data costs?

  • How do we incentivise the stores/departments/individuals to complete their training and do well? 

  • How do we deliver a digital training experience when the training content is always changing? Tech is traditionally rigid. 

  • How do we track every individual on their participation and their knowledge transfer? 

  • How do we create competitive rivalry amongst the stores/departments/individuals? 

  • How do we get employees to do training and participate outside work hours? 


Triswick Digital allows you to communicate with ALL your staff, on any channel, off any device. The platform allows you to easily deliver a variety of content in many forms, from video to heavy texts, tests, gamification and so much more. 


Our solutions enable continual engagement, such as gamification, a brilliant tool that can be used to not just make training stick, but also to make it something employees look forward to. This method of training is essential to the modern learner, especially when studies show that 8 seconds is the average person's attention span when it comes to technology.


Moreover, everything is tracked and measured to allow for an overall idea of how your employees are doing. Measuring performance is easy, track and reward from team level to an individual level, drive accountability in a fun and engaging way.